Here we are!

Hopefully I will be better about blogging, at least until Boston is born. We moved our blog to WordPress because I wanted to start over and not have it connected to all of my other attempts at blogging.


With a new blog comes a few other changes that I would like to make.

Mostly I want to post more on the blog, especially now that I am always at home, so my plans for motivating myself to blog more is to give myself a reason to post on my blog.

First of all, my in-laws like food, and I mean they really like food. I like food too, but they are so good at cooking and I am not , so one of the things I want to try is not just to motivate me to post on the blog more but also, so my husband will enjoy dinner more. I am going to try to post at least twice a month (I would love to do it once a week) a new meal that I tried and then talk about what my husband thought about that food.

My next thing to hopefully help me post more and get me to finally get something done for Boston’s room is I am going to post about how her room is going and all the things that we did with it. I am so excited for this because the closer we get to getting it done the closer we get to our princess being here!

Speaking of our Princess she will be here in just 9 weeks (hopefully)!

Well, that is about it about the move! We are really excited for the changes and hopefully I actually do all the things I plan to do!






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